Embroidery: Wild Olive Spring Stitching Project Quilt

I’ve been a huge fan of Wild Olive for years and have downloaded (and embroidered) a fair few of the free patterns but this year I decided to give her Spring Stitching Club a go. It was a very important little chap’s first birthday coming up and when I saw the preview of the club I just knew that I had to start this project for Noah.


In total this project has taken me around four months and it has had to have been very hush hush because I really wanted it to be a surprise, hence the lack of posts and updates. There might have been a few days where here and there I’ve posted a hexagon on my Instagram but nothing massive.
It was fun to make but not leaving myself a good and proper few weeks at the end and the amount of hand sewing it took to do meant that even the day before I was up at the crack of dawn getting it finished. But boy oh boy when I finally did, I was so happy with how it came out. Hopefully it’ll be something that will bring comfort and joy for many a year to come. My only regret is that some of he edges weren’t as well finished as I would have liked, but you live and learn and the Strong family were very pleased.

Oh and we even made Noah’s cake (baked by me, decorated by Tim).


We had the best time at his birthday party and I can;t quite believe that this little ray of sunshine is one already, where did the last year go?! Happy Birthday Noah!



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