Embroidery: Christmas Table Crafting

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Day! Here are a few pics of my table cloth and napkin embroidery (which I finally finished on the 23rd - phew!). All patterns are from the excellent Doodle Stitching the Holiday Motif Collection book, which is really great value for money for anyone who likes to embroider for… Continue reading Embroidery: Christmas Table Crafting

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Simplicity 2602: The Christmas Edition

Christmas eve is almost upon us and here I have a festive feast for your eyes. The Simplicity 2602 all made up and worn for my work Christmas party (and soon to be seen on Christmas Day!). I know I've been a bit slack on the stitching over the recent months but I have fantastic… Continue reading Simplicity 2602: The Christmas Edition


Embroidery: Wild Olive Spring Stitching Project Quilt

I’ve been a huge fan of Wild Olive for years and have downloaded (and embroidered) a fair few of the free patterns but this year I decided to give her Spring Stitching Club a go. It was a very important little chap’s first birthday coming up and when I saw the preview of the club… Continue reading Embroidery: Wild Olive Spring Stitching Project Quilt


Wee Little Stitches: Tim the Enchanter & Scrambling for Tim’s Birthday

One of the first things I said when I was first introduced to my future husband 12 years ago was “there are some who call me…….Tiiiiiiiim?”, which of course I thought was hilarious. No one else really got it, apart from Tim of course. So it seemed only fitting that I made him a little… Continue reading Wee Little Stitches: Tim the Enchanter & Scrambling for Tim’s Birthday

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Sew-Inspiring: My Nana Turns 90

I do believe I have mentioned my Nana before but I really feel like she deserves to be mentioned a little more. My Nana turned 90 at the weekend and we went up to Sunderland for a gathering at her house to celebrate together, it was quite the turn out, with many of us sitting… Continue reading Sew-Inspiring: My Nana Turns 90


Wee Little Stitches: Dumbledore

If you haven't seen the lovely designs from Wee Little Stitches where have you been? The're a perfect mix of geek and cross stitch and I absolutely adore them. When I found out my friend was expecting and I saw their fantastic Dumbledore pattern I just knew I had to make it as a present.… Continue reading Wee Little Stitches: Dumbledore