Hi I’m Stacey and this is my blog devoted to sewing mainly vintage or repro. You might also find some knitting here when I pull my finger (or needles) out.

I began this way back in depths of time – cast your mind back to 2013 (if it helps it was the year Andy Murray won Wimbledon). Instagram was in its infancy and people were blogging like nobody’s business, including me.

I was in my early 30s, having just finished up my part time burlesque career of 5 years, my other half in his last year of Uni, living the home rental life in Manchester – and having decided that what I really liked to do more than anything else was make my costumes (rather than prance about in them) I set to WordPress and got typing, and at all other times got stitching.

So here I am 9 years later, in my early 40s, a home owner, a Mum and finding my feet with sewing again. It’s been a busy (almost decade). As you might find, a lot of the posts on here are older – as I somehow kidded myself that sewing, being a Mum, working full time and renovating a semi-detached 1930s house which hadn’t been updated since the 60s would, of course, leave me tonnes of time to sew.  

However, new posts are springing up, a little less detailed then my older musings – because let’s face it – most people are over on the ‘gram these days.

So, if you fancy taking a look through, sit back, grab a brew, a biscuit and have a nosey through my posts and hopefully there’s a bit to entertain you there.

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Things I have learned along the way so far

  • I am not in a rush: There was a time when I felt I needed to bash a garment out as quickly as possible, I am more thoughtful these days. Quality over quantity and giving good consideration to what I have, what I’d like and what I need. In times when waste is at a premium I make sure that what I make will be worn and fits the gaps in my wardrobe.
  • A good fit is everything: For years I pretended like my hips were smaller then they were. Puckering, I can fix that by standing oddly for a photo…no more! I make things that fit, and aren’t uncomfortable, however uncomfortable that makes me when I am trying my hardest to figure out what adjustments are needed and my head is sore (heeeya dyslexia!).
  • I am a vintage pattern hoarder: I am still trying my hardest not to hoard patterns, but it’s a terrible affliction that I seem not to be able to rid myself of. In 2022 I will catalogue all of my patterns, to try not to buy anything I already have, even if the vintage picture on the front is absolutely perfect and I can imagine myself swishing about in it.
  • Stretch isn’t scary: I wish I’d have jumped in sooner sewing stretch materials. It’s a new string to my bow but honestly, the comfort…the joy…and it really isn’t that hard to re thread an overlocker no matter how many people tell you it is.

And just so you know….I don’t pretend to know everything about sewing but I hope that what I write is interesting, helpful or at least entertaining!

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  1. Hi! I love reading your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster award! I posted the questions on my blog today – I’d love to read your answers 🙂

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