Butterick B5895: Test Capris

So thought I’d give these bad boys a bash  yesterday. I had some red lightweight stretch cotton in my stash so made them up with that. A success overall I think (even though I sewed the legs together int he wrong place and the old seam ripper came out).

I made note of what others had said and sewed them up in a size 6 after looking on the pattern at the ease really glad I did that, as I’ve only sewing from vintage patterns I just expect them to be the size they say on the pattern cover, bit of a lesson learnt there…

I don’t think they’re decent enough to wear out (i.e. skin tight and rather see through!) but it’s given me a good sense of what to do next time, I just have to have some spare cash to get some decent material in.

Butterick B5895


and the back....really wasn't joking about them being skin tight...! #sewing

and in other news I bought some more vintage patterns…….(slapped wrist)

Simplicity 4980Simplicity 4697

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