All Quiet on the Sewing Front

I know I haven’t updated a lot recently BUT I have been doing other things which have taken up my free time.

Fear not though I shall be back to Sewing in September when I use up my remaining annual leave for a week.

I plan on getting a few projects started and finished in that time, but in the meantime, to show I have actually been doing something rather than just sitting on my bum…

I may have mentioned by husband is currently studying Ecology & Conservation and is currently on his placement year before his final degree year so we’ve been doing a few things based around this.

The last two weekends we did butterfly surveys in the lovely Cheshire countryside.

Cheshire countryside

Where we took advantage and picked lots of blackberries.

blackberry picking


Which we made into jam and started some blackberry gin

(the photo above is a very small portion of the bumper crop we picked)

blackberry gin

I also found an Elderberry tree just down the road and we decided to try out making some Elderberry gin too.

Elderberry gin

We went on a bat walk in Platt Fields Park, just near to our house, and saw lots of bats, Tim borrowed a detector from work and I heard and saw my first Noctule, Britain’s largest bat

Platt Field Bat Walk

We celebrated 11 years since our first date. Here we are looking all young and ting in 2003 on the day I moved in with Tim.


And I finally got my Star Wars Jedi sleeve finished on Saturday.

star wars tattoo

So there we have it, I have been busy, just a little too busy to crack on with anything sewing wise, but keep your eyes peeled, September will be sewing month for me!

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