Wee Little Stitches: Tim the Enchanter & Scrambling for Tim’s Birthday

One of the first things I said when I was first introduced to my future husband 12 years ago was “there are some who call me…….Tiiiiiiiim?”, which of course I thought was hilarious.

No one else really got it, apart from Tim of course.

So it seemed only fitting that I made him a little cross stitch Tim the Enchanter using a Wee Little Stitches pattern.


If you’re not au fait with Monty Python see the clip below:

He was made up with it.


On Sunday, after brekkie and card/present opening we went off to Yorkshire and I climbed up a waterfall.

I am usually such a scaredy-cat when it comes to things like this BUT I am trying my best to be more brave, as if there ever will be a little one of us running about I really don’t want to pass my silly irrational fears onto them.

So off I scrambled and I felt all sorts of fear, but conquer it I did, and up the waterfall I went.

A few pics from our aventures below. Happy Birthday to my lovely, wonderful soul-mate Timothy


Happy birthday Tim – I was all brave for you! Xx


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Wee Little Stitches: Dumbledore

If you haven’t seen the lovely designs from Wee Little Stitches where have you been? The’re a perfect mix of geek and cross stitch and I absolutely adore them.

When I found out my friend was expecting and I saw their fantastic Dumbledore pattern I just knew I had to make it as a present. Harry Potter is something that is very close to both of us and we have shared experiences of, we lived together for a while and we queued up to get our books at the midnight openings in Waterstones then raced to finsih them at home.

I think the quote says it all really. Congratulations Gillibrands can’t wait til your over from Aus so I can meet the ankle-biter, massive loves and fan hands 😀

Dumbledore main


Dumbledore big close up


Dumbledore close up