The National Vintage Awards

This is a little late in coming I know but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

As you know (If you follow me on Twitter) I didn’t win BUT I was so happy and proud of myself for getting through to the finals alongside two of my fellow Manchester bloggers!

The awards ceremony was held in Birmingham and below are a few snapshots of the night.

It was great to meet so many new faces and see some old. Norton of Morton won the award and he so deserved it. It was good to finally meet him and the same goes for Helen from Mancunian Vintage, who is a complete doll.

I wore the dress I’d made for Vegas (and just about managed to squeeze myself into it) and accessorised with the sparkles I’d bought while I was away.

I had the absolute honour of hanging with “Vintage Personality of the Year” and my lovely friend KiKi DeVille. I’ve known Kiki for a good few years now, as we’ve both been involved in the burlesque scene and she’s given me many a colourful and always funning introduction to the stage over the years.

If anyone knows Kiki you’ll know how hard she works and how dedicated to the Vintage movement she is, especially those involved in the burlesque scene. So well done Kiki, you really do deserve the award and then some!