The Wardrobe Architect: Week 4

The Wardrobe Architect

This week I feel the real fun started. We took our answers from week 3 and started to pull them together to create silhouettes. I used Polyvore as suggested and pinned my creations onto my core style board on Pinterest.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. Having something visual is much better for me when I’m considering what it is I like.

It has solidified that even though I’m happy for skirts to be many things – A Line, full and pencil – bodices really need to be fitted, on dresses, tops and jumpers.

We were asked to think about how we’d cross combine these items, I think all of the below could easily be swapped about and fit together perfectly. I couldn’t help but go for colour but the silhouettes on the pieces I chose are more what it’s about really. I’m very happy with my work this week.

I’d love to see what everyone else came up with, comment and link below so I can have a nosey and follow you!

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Week 4 4

Pattern Giveaway: And The Winners Are….

Thanks to those who commented on my last blog and were interested in giving those patterns a good home. Although there weren’t many replies I still sued a random number generator for fairness.

The new owners will be……*drumroll*

Vogue: Christi


Simplicity: SharonΒ 

number gen

Can you please email my your postal address?

I’ll get them posted out to you as soon as possible.

And in other news: I have been sewing BUT it’s been raining non stop here so I haven;t managed to get any photos of my new dress yet…but here’s a sneak peek of part of it (full post to follow as soon as the weather cheers up!):

burgndy dress

My Machine Knitting Pattern Collection

My Nana gave me her Knitmaster and all accessories, patterns and cards at the beginning of the year. I have put them to one side knowing I’d pick them up at some point but not knowing when. It was only last night when I started leafing through them that I discovered their full retro potential.

As with my sewing patterns I’ve added them to my flickr, created a set and I’ve also put a link in the sidebar; if you click you”ll be directed to them.


They are mainly from the early 70s through to the 80s, at a time when my Nana furnished me, my sisters and pretty much the whole of my family with knitted goods.

Unfortunately I had to ask Nana to stop knitting for me after a disastrous fashion blunder of a rainbow coloured jumper which I felt I had to wear and promptly was laughed at by pretty much everyone (I should point out that I am extremely grateful to my Nana. It was definitely a jumper I would love to own right now and I feel horrible that I probably broke her heart a little).

At 89 she can’t see all that well and has arthritis in her fingers so she asked me if I’d like her Knitmaster and I happily agreed to take it off her hands and show it some love after all these years.

There are a lot of amazing patterns in there, I plan on knitting several matching outfits for me and Tim. I will make him wear them when we go out in winter by hiding every other jumper option.

So without further ado, some of the pattern books I have:

Modern Knitting Vol 22 No7 1972Modern Knitting 6 1974Modern Knitting 1 1975

Modern Knitting 3 1974Modern Knitting 7 1975Modern Knitting 10 1975

And that’s just the front of them. You should see some of the treasures inside! I am very much looking forward to getting stuck in, and hopefully I can find some patterns that correspond with some Mad Men knits too. I have a lust for Megan’s green jumper that cannot be fulfilled by just any green jumper.

Again though no running before I can walk, I have not used a knitting machine for about five years now and I feel like the old cast on issue will raise it’s ugly head yet again.

It’ll be scarves and bobble hats for a while until I know what I’m doing and can master the pattern cards (my previous knitting machine didn’t have that function!)