Help me choose a pattern (aka being indecisive sucks)

Well as you know we're in the new house, all is unpacked and yesterday we had our nearest and dearest over for a housewarming. So lovely to have our friends over and the next generation ( not star trek - just our mates awesome kids). Now the dust has settled I'm in the mood to… Continue reading Help me choose a pattern (aka being indecisive sucks)

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Vintage Inspiration: Polsden Lacey

A couple of weeks ago me and the hublet went camping for a week (I know Vegas then camping, I am spoiling myself!). As a day trip out and while Timothy was on his course I took a trip to Polsden Lacey, a National Trust house and grounds in Dorking. I wasn’t expecting too much,… Continue reading Vintage Inspiration: Polsden Lacey


Book Review: Fifty Dresses That Changed the World

While I was off on my camping adventures I finally got to have a good read of a book I’d had my eye on for a while an which was gifted to me by a friend as a thanks for embellishing a hen’s dress for her final night of freedom. Fifty dresses that Changed the… Continue reading Book Review: Fifty Dresses That Changed the World

Mad Men, Sewing

New Pattern Heaven: Mad Men (Trudy & Betty)

Don’t you just LOVE IT when you find a pattern that you have been looking for? For a while now I’ve been coveting Trudy Campbell’s gorgeous peach evening dress with the gold and pearl trim and the collars and cuffs, so when I saw this pattern on ebay I almost jumped out of my seat,… Continue reading New Pattern Heaven: Mad Men (Trudy & Betty)

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Sew-Inspiring: My Nana Turns 90

I do believe I have mentioned my Nana before but I really feel like she deserves to be mentioned a little more. My Nana turned 90 at the weekend and we went up to Sunderland for a gathering at her house to celebrate together, it was quite the turn out, with many of us sitting… Continue reading Sew-Inspiring: My Nana Turns 90