Pregnancy Crafting

It has got to that time where I can’t either be bothered to make anything massive, I’m too cumbersome/clumsy, or I wont be pregnant for much longer so while I’m in the last few weeks I’ve been doing a few other crafty bits that I thought I’d update you with.

First off I crocheted this cute little dinosaur (form a Mollie Makes magazine pattern) we have named him black sock. His tail is a slightly different green but we’re hoping that it will be a good lesson in accepting differences (and I am fighting my natural instinct to make everything perfect which isn’t a bad thing for me to do).

IMAG0749I also crocheted myself these hand warmers and Tim this bobble hat as it’s survey season for him now so he’s out working lots at night. IMG_20160430_085458

And last but in no way least I made these little soft shapes for baby to play with after reading that black, white and red were the best colours for up to six months due to sight development.


Tim even made a soft version of Matisse’s The Snail, which I helped him sew up. Hopefully baby will be amused!

A Tiny Break from Sewing: Flowers Everywhere

A few weeks ago I got notice that my application to sell my swarovskii encrusted hairflowers at Hebden Bridge burlesque Festival. So the last few weeks have been a non stop sticking shop.

I’ll be at the Bazaar on Saturday 2nd May with a huge array of pretty sparkly flowers, so if you’re going please come over and say hello!

Here are a few pics of what you can buy (husband not included!)

11078114_854726521272991_2489129112647928091_n 11090323_856027367809573_5597491188437605091_n

Decoupage Jewellery Making with the Ministry of Craft

Last weekend I made my way into town for a decoupage jewellery making class with the Ministry of Craft. This is the first course of theirs that I have taken, I have been aware of them for a while and finding myself at a loose end this weekend as Timbo was away with work, I thought I’d see what was on.

This was my first foray into decoupage; sure, I was one of those kids with a scrap book pasting in pictures from birthday and Christmas cards I’d cut out. A very clever and cheap way of keeping me and my sisters entertained when we were kids (well played Nana!) but I’d not even picked up the paste since then.

The course took place in the basement of Fred Aldous (again, I never even knew the classrooms down there existed – even though I’ve been in the shop several times) and we were met by Sam, the course tutor, who was extremely friendly and chatty and explained the process very well, guiding us through step by step and helping out where she could and was needed.

I chose some decopatch paper which was a map of Manhattan and got to work on covering a bangle, followed by a pendant and a brooch, all with different districts from the Island. I chose the garment district for my bangle, I thought it would be quite apt!

I really enjoyed the sticking and glazing process, even though I chose something which in the end turned out to be quite time consuming as I had to ensure that all of the sections of map lined up which meant applying them in small strips rather than chunkier ones, but in for a penny in for a pound.


I’m really pleased with the results and shortly I‘ll have a few bits and bobs for sale alongside my hairflowers, the proceeds of which will be supporting my ever growing adventure into sewing.

The workshop was well run, well supplied and expertly taught and I would have no problem recommending this to anyone who’s looking for a fun creative afternoon. For £29.50 you can’t complain as you get three items to take home (you’re shown how to build origami gift boxes too) and you get 10% off in the shop too – which is kind of worth it’s while but a note – Fred Aldous is known for being particularly expensive compared to online shops and other retailers.

Crafters Take Note: Lucky Dip Club

This month I received my first Lucky Dip Club box. I’m not new to monthly box subscriptions, I’ve subscribed to a certain beauty box for around two years until recently when it lost its shine and I was overloaded by creams and perfume samples. And fake tan. For me. The quintessential English rose.

The lovely Kate over at I Get Dressed in the Morning (check out her tumblr here)  posted about July’s box on facebook and I am so glad that she did.

A lovely themed box filled with craft and vintage styled goodies with personalised items? Yes please!

So along came my first box and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s chocca full of gorgeous bits and bobs in pretty packaging and I love the fact that it comes with an inbuilt crafting project, this month’s cute little ice-cream buttons will be a welcome addition to sprucing up a cardigan as suggested but I’m thinking more along the lines of decorating a large piece of ribbon for my beehive.


Next month’s box theme is “Magic Forrest” and I can’t wait to see what’s inside, big thanks to Leona Thriftola for thinking up such an amazing idea for all of us vintage crafting lovers out there!

Hairflowers made and for sale!

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook you may have noticed I’ve been making hair flowers to sell.

Today I finally finished taking shots, editing them and setting up my Etsy store.

Each high quality hairflower is encrusted with Swarovski and Preciosa crystals in complimentary colours and fixes to your hair with a crocodile clip.

They’re on sale here if you like to mosey on over and I’ll be at retro and vintage events selling them, so if you’d like to keep any eye on where I’ll be when please like my facebook page.


The National Vintage Awards

This is a little late in coming I know but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

As you know (If you follow me on Twitter) I didn’t win BUT I was so happy and proud of myself for getting through to the finals alongside two of my fellow Manchester bloggers!

The awards ceremony was held in Birmingham and below are a few snapshots of the night.

It was great to meet so many new faces and see some old. Norton of Morton won the award and he so deserved it. It was good to finally meet him and the same goes for Helen from Mancunian Vintage, who is a complete doll.

I wore the dress I’d made for Vegas (and just about managed to squeeze myself into it) and accessorised with the sparkles I’d bought while I was away.

I had the absolute honour of hanging with “Vintage Personality of the Year” and my lovely friend KiKi DeVille. I’ve known Kiki for a good few years now, as we’ve both been involved in the burlesque scene and she’s given me many a colourful and always funning introduction to the stage over the years.

If anyone knows Kiki you’ll know how hard she works and how dedicated to the Vintage movement she is, especially those involved in the burlesque scene. So well done Kiki, you really do deserve the award and then some!



The National Vintage Awards: I’m a Finalist!



In all of my excitement, sewing every god given hour and running off to Vegas I think I may have forgotten to post that I am a a finalist in the blog category for the National Vintage Awards.

I would like to say an absolutely HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me and help me to get there.

I am off to the awards on Thursday with Timothy and I plan on wearing my most recently made dress, as it seems quite fitting for an event so glamorous.

I’m in the final alongside the wonderful Mancunian Vintage and Norton of Morton, meaning an all Manchester final. Proof that those residing here really are the best at blogging EVER (wink wink).

I am so ridiculously thrilled to even be standing by those two other wonderful bloggers. I’ve been reading theirs for a while so knowing that my blog in it’s first year is even close to being grouped with these beauties is an achievement in itself.

As some of you may or may not know I left a glittering burlesque performing career behind at the end of last year after 6 years of performing success to concentrate on the things I love more, sewing being one of them, and it has given me such a boost to know what I’m doing is valued by others. So please, here, have a virtual hug.

You’ve made me feel like I am on the right path and it’s added weight to my decision to stop treading he boards.

Cross your fingers for me on Thursday folks!

Sew-Inspiring: My Nana Turns 90

I do believe I have mentioned my Nana before but I really feel like she deserves to be mentioned a little more. My Nana turned 90 at the weekend and we went up to Sunderland for a gathering at her house to celebrate together, it was quite the turn out, with many of us sitting in the garden as the living room was packed.


My Nana and Granda brought me up when my folks divorced and I lived with them from age 1 to 7. They were the best parents a little girl could wish for; loving, kind, funny and always with plenty of time for us.

When I moved back in with the parentals in later years I still spent a lot of time with the Grandfolkage, there were the weeks I spent with them in summer and long weekends in the School holidays.

I think my love of vintage probably stems from having a quite an old fashioned upbringing in a lot of respects. I have a fondness for musicals and old films that stems from watching them with my Nana and Granda in the holidays. I distinctly remember begging my Nana to let me watch Gone With the Wind when I was 12 or so years old and being amazed at it, in all of it’s 238 minute glory.

My Nana is the reason for all of this, including this blog. I remember her teaching me how to knit when I was very young (hand knitting is still not my forte!) and she taught me to embroider and hand sew.

My holidays with them were not complete without my Nana taking me off to Newcastle to the craft shops for some craft kit of some kind.

I think she noticed in me at a young age that while I loved reading I wasn’t particularly academic (my dyslexia was never diagnosed at school – even thought I was tested) and so she encouraged me to make things and that’s where my passion ignited.

Me and Nana


There isn’t only this I have to thank her for though. I have to thank her for everything; for her and Granda giving up a lot of their retirement to look after me and my sisters, for doing without so we could have things, for making me clothes and party dresses for School, for giving me unconditional and endless love, for teaching me to be kind, considerate and loving and being able to find the light when things seem dark, for being the strong, no-nonsense tough as old boots woman she is but with the kindest loving heart, for showing me that no matter what life throws at you, you should dust yourself off and get on with it.

Me and Nana

So Happy 90th Birthday Nana & lots of love, you’re my sewing inspiration.

I hope to one day be as good as you are, in many, many ways xx





If you liked this blog please vote for me in the NVAs as I’ve been nominated under the Best Vintage Fashion/Lifestyle Blog category. Voting is open throughout May and it’s a simple click to select Stacey Stitch and then enter your email address to confirm the vote (you wont be spammed). Clicking on the photo or links above should take you straight to the website. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time if you have it spare! Thank you!

The Wardrobe Architect: Week 4

The Wardrobe Architect

This week I feel the real fun started. We took our answers from week 3 and started to pull them together to create silhouettes. I used Polyvore as suggested and pinned my creations onto my core style board on Pinterest.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. Having something visual is much better for me when I’m considering what it is I like.

It has solidified that even though I’m happy for skirts to be many things – A Line, full and pencil – bodices really need to be fitted, on dresses, tops and jumpers.

We were asked to think about how we’d cross combine these items, I think all of the below could easily be swapped about and fit together perfectly. I couldn’t help but go for colour but the silhouettes on the pieces I chose are more what it’s about really. I’m very happy with my work this week.

I’d love to see what everyone else came up with, comment and link below so I can have a nosey and follow you!

Week 4 6 Week 4 5 Week 4 3 Week 4 2 Week 4 1 Week 4 7

Week 4 4

The Wardrobe Architect: Week 3

The Wardrobe Architect

This week the focus is on shape. Shape of the garment, not the shape of you and how this makes you feel.

The main elements being:

  • Ease (tight or loose)
  • Length
  • Neckline
  • Waistline position
  • Sleeve length
  • Fullness

We were asked to fill in a worksheet which was in a matrix form listing shapes comparable to items of clothing and on a scale, how comfortable you feel in them.

The Results

Ease: there really was no surprises for me, I know I like form fitting clothes and feel more comfortable in them than in loosely fitting garments.

Length: It did come as a bit of a surprise that while I would normally never wear a a skirt or a dress above knee length I did answer that I would wear much shorter pants. It’s definitely something I’d never really thought about before. For top lengths I found I was open to anything apart from having my midriff exposed. Covered up and with a bolero? yes! Re-living the 90s crop top years….er, definitely not!

Fullness: Skirt wise I’m happy wearing any type of fullness, preferably fitted but I do like a full circle or a fuller skirt at times dependant on the occasion.

Waistline: Again no surprises. I like them high or natural. I feel horrid in dropped waistlines and think they do nothing for my shape.

Necklines: I’m comfortable across the board really. I think my neck and décolletage is really one of my best features so I’m happy to show it off. I’m less happy in higher necklines but they’re not something I wouldn’t consider or never wear.

Sleeves: Again, much the same as above, I’m happy in most and can’t really pick something I’m happiest in.

Overall: It seems from the above it’s my bottom half I have most issues with (no surprises there). I am constantly “big bum” plagued – even when it’s not that big – I know I’m self-concious about this part of me.

I really feel like we’re getting to the nitty gritty this week and I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses especially knowing that our results from week three will be combined next week with proportions.