Hi there, I haven’t forgotten you, in fact you’ve been lurking there in the back of my head for the last two years. Where have I been? Well the long and short of it is this:

I left off having finished my anniversary dress (almost) two years ago and so much has happened since then! I went back to work after mat leave for a start and soon realised that working a full time job with a 7 month old at nursery is ridiculously tiring and the weekends are endlessly precious, so sewing went on the back burner.

Then I started a new job in a different department a few months later which was great but also meant that there was a lot of learning, which left me shattered and again, weekends with my little one were endlessly precious.

Then we bought a house! But it needed (and still needs) a lot of work, so everything got packed up (including all of my sewing and craft gear) and off we moved, and there my things are, still packed away. Having been in the house for nearly a year and a half we’ve had work done, and structurally we’re where we need to be , cosmetically we aint.

The house has brought some tremendous joy in our lives but us moving in coincided with me being, for want of a better word, depressed. There it is, in all of its un-glory. As you can imagine lack of motivation was a big issue around this time. There are things I did and things I do to make sure I feel okay, exercise is a big one but going to classes on my working lunches means that to make my hours up I need to work early and late to ensure I meet my working hours (along with fitting these in around pick up and drop off times at nursery).

Ultimately I am okay again and while this is all fantastic it does mean that evenings are out for sewing and crafting during the week, plus getting home and then having the washing, tidying, and cooking done (when it’s my turn) and making sure I have some QT with my son and husband means there isn’t much room for anything else Monday – Friday.

However, recently something has started to happen, a little spark that is igniting in my mind and making me think that my creative endeavours are slowly making their way to the forefront of my mind.

The recent thing is this: We have a fully plastered main bedroom, and while it still needs pretty much everything doing (painting, carpets, new radiator, skirting, shelving) it’s the start of something. The start of something that means the wheels are in motion to being one step closer to my sewing room of dreams being done. It means once the master bedroom is complete, the next room complete will be my son’s and the one following that? My sewing room! FINALLY.

Now my sewing room will be small-ish, a single box room size, which is more than I used to have when I had my corner of the dining room previously, but I am looking for clever ideas to maximise it, so hit me up in the comments with links to yours if you have a similar situation. I’d love to see your sewing space!

I’ve already decided when the master bedroom is finished I’m going to at least get my crochet and embroidery things out so I can start to do something – as no creative pursuits does not do my mental health any good.

So this is an interim post, to say I’ll be back soon, and thanks for sticking with me.

P.S. Hats off to all of you Mammas out there who have managed to pull it together to get shit done, I have no idea how you find the time to do it with a baby/toddler!