Pregnancy Crafting

It has got to that time where I can’t either be bothered to make anything massive, I’m too cumbersome/clumsy, or I wont be pregnant for much longer so while I’m in the last few weeks I’ve been doing a few other crafty bits that I thought I’d update you with.

First off I crocheted this cute little dinosaur (form a Mollie Makes magazine pattern) we have named him black sock. His tail is a slightly different green but we’re hoping that it will be a good lesson in accepting differences (and I am fighting my natural instinct to make everything perfect which isn’t a bad thing for me to do).

IMAG0749I also crocheted myself these hand warmers and Tim this bobble hat as it’s survey season for him now so he’s out working lots at night.Β IMG_20160430_085458

And last but in no way least I made these little soft shapes for baby to play with after reading that black, white and red were the best colours for up to six months due to sight development.


Tim even made a soft version of Matisse’s The Snail, which I helped him sew up. Hopefully baby will be amused!

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Crafting

  1. Lovely! I have 4 kids (youngest is just over a year old) but I didn’t start to crochet until just the last few months. I wish I had since I rarely got any sleep towards the end.

    1. Yeah, I’m getting the waking up stupidly early thing at the moment and not getting a decent night’s sleep, I’ve heard that doesn’t improve once they arrive though!

  2. I love the dinosaur and the shapes are such a great idea. It’s so lovely that you are making things for baby – don’t forget to put your feet up a little bit though πŸ˜‰ x

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