Confession Time: My Vintage Bum in All Its Wondrous Glory

I have a big bum. Bigger than most vintage patterns that fit my waist and chest size by a couple of inches (either side) so make that between 4 and 5 inches.

Why am I telling you this? I am, as most women are, not your traditional size and not by long shot when it comes to vintage patterns. 26 waist? Yes. 34 bust? Yes. 36 hip? No. I wish, and I have kidded myself for around a year now that sooner or later by bum will shrink and fit into the lovely dresses I have made. Maybe, if I get back on top of running, it will. Right now though, it won’t.


So this is a reminder for me, as much as it is an honesty with you, that I won’t make a dress up again without adjusting the pattern for my protrusions and I will celebrate my big round peach in all of its glory so I can flounce about in the things I wear rather than frustratingly try them on and think “nope, bum’s still not small enough”.

Anyone else have to adjust vintage patterns to fit their derrière?! I’d love some advice!



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6 thoughts on “Confession Time: My Vintage Bum in All Its Wondrous Glory

    1. yeah Karen, the thought has definitely crossed my mind but as much as I love wearing structured undercrackers I’m not sure going into work in full corselette is a good idea! 🙂

  1. I have this problem with my boobs! I’m too big really all over for most vintage patterns, but my the main problem is my boobs, I usually span several sizes between my hips and my boobs, so it’s FBA’s all the way for me.

    1. ah Jeanette, I am very sacred of FBA, which is why I normally try and go for patterns which fit my bust and then adjust the rest! 🙂

      Can;t wait til I get good enough that I can just buy any patterns that I like the look of and adjust them to all the right sizes!

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