Tank Tops (also known as my topsy-turvy brain thinks it’s Winter)

I went a little tank top crazy last week and bought four, and along with a brown dagger collared shirt, they cost me the grand total of £11. Bargain, thought I.


Then I considered the fact that:

  1. I’m Going to Vegas soon and this is not suitable attire
  2. It’s very nearly summer in the UK

And wondered what I was going to do with the, Ah-ha! I declared (inwardly, as I was in the middle of Manchester when I had this eureka moment), I am obviously just being super prepared for the coming winter of course.

With that thought it in  mind I had  rummage through my patterns and found a great 60s skirt pattern and a fantastic pattern for some flared trousers with turn ups.

Simplicity 6321

Style 4175
So all that’s left is colours and materials to choose, any ideas anyone? I am getting stuck at brown, black and mustard and can’t seem to get my thoughts any further.



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6 thoughts on “Tank Tops (also known as my topsy-turvy brain thinks it’s Winter)

  1. However, as long as your tops are properly stored away from moths, they probbly are a great investment, they just become more collectable. My mum had 2 Vintage clothes shops in th 80’s, and still finds things in her loft.

  2. Hello lovely Stacey. I live in Arizona, which is fairly close to Nevada. The majority of women in your age range will be wearing shorts or capris to everything but upscale dining. It will be unbelievably hot outside, but considerably cooler inside as every building has air conditioning. I vote for that really cute halter with capris and a cotton sweater for indoors. And shorts! I am picturing coordinates and fifties styling. I think black, white, and mustard, would be adorable. You might also want to consider a touch of nautical if you visit Hoover Dam. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat if you plan to be outdoors or by the pool at all. I know I sound like a mother, but I have seen many English beauties get painful sunburns in as little as half an hour. Our sun is deceptively intense. Can’t wait to see what you put together! Oh, and bring comfy shoes, because it is easy to walk up and down the strip if you get tired of paying for cabs:)

    1. Don’t worry about the sunscreen thing, I’ve never had a tan in my life, my friends laugh at me hear because I wear sunblock meant for kids at factor 50+

      Did you see my gertie pedal pushers 3 ways post? Am planning on that for my day wear and I have some fab dresses for the evening for going out to the burlesque dos!

      I have my trusty chucks for the day, so they’ll be very comfy for lots of walking about.

      Thanks for the advice, I’m so excited! 😀

  3. Nothing wrong with getting a bargain on winter things for next year. Hopefully you are not like me and can’t find them when the season comes to wear them. I love the skirt pattern. Perfect for summer months.

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