The Wardrobe Architect: Week Five

The Wardrobe Architect

Dare I say that this week has been my favourite?! I find it hard to see in black and white and I love colour. This week we were asked to consider the words we came up with previously, the colours we wear and the colours that are in our stash.

I feel like I have a little head start with this as around about a year ago I decided to try and ditch the black outfits I wore at work (it is far too easy to dress in black at the office) and splash some colour about.

Many of the dresses I have made while blogging here have been work appropriate, it’s something I try to keep in mind when I make a new item or put an outfit together.

So, with the above in mind I went to the Robert Kaufman website and looked at the Kona colours as I know they’ve got fantastic block colours (I’ve used them before for sewing). I decided to put together a palette from there. This is what I came up with:


No surprises for  me really, I know what I like; bold, bright and warm colours. I’m not one for wearing pastels, being pale I think they look a bit wishy washy on me and I prefer something that is a contrast to my complexion.

This exercise was good in two ways, it cemented some thought I’d had about my preferences and it let me have a nosey at the fab fabric Kona colours (my purse will grumble). I’m Looking forward to week 6 already!

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